The Digital News Collage

Together with Creative Learning Lab of Waag Society, the Dutch News in Education Programme, Nieuws in de klas, developed an award winning innovative learning tool called the Digital News Collage. In the Digital News Collage, students use mobile and distributed multitouch technology to select, analyze, and discuss news media contents.

Award winning project

In March 2012, The Digital News Collage was awarded the IPON Mediawijzer Award. This award was issued by IPON (a Dutch organisation which aims to improve the integration of ICTs in education) and (the Dutch Media Literacy Expertise Center). The jury commended the project for its meaningful combination of new technologies with news content: "through the use of new media technologies, students discover in a very positive way what news media have to offer them."

Educational goal

The educational goal of The Digital News Collage is to improve the media literacy skills of young citizens, through the critical assessment of news media content and the active production of news items. Using mobile technology, students collect and evaluate content from newspapers (both in print and online) about their region. Back in school, they process these sources and enrich this with material of their own using multi touch technology. The result is a news collage on political and social topics relevant to the area in which they are growing up. In this way the students learn about the importance of informing themselves about society, while experiencing the relevance of news media for these purposes.

The Digital News Collage in Dutch education

In 2011, Nieuws in de klas en Creative Learning Lab developed a prototype of the learning tool, which they tested in a pilot project. The pilot project was made possible by financial contributions from The Netherlands Press Fund (as part of their innovations programme) and SNS REAAL Fonds.

Based on an evaluation by teachers and students, a final version of the tool has been developed. 
This will become available for broad use in Dutch secondary education in Autumn 2012.